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,,, in Luxembourg-City, Ettelbruck, Esch/ Alzette and Mersch. From Monday to Saturday. Without any previous knowlegde.

The New Schoolyear starts on the 17th of September.
Summer Classes in August and September (see below)
Open Door Day : Saturday the 14th of Sedptember (see below)


Contact us

Fon : 49 12 60

Summer Classes

On Tuesday between 3:00 and 8:00 PM
From the 13th of August until the 10th of September.

5 lessons : 140,- Euro ; 4 lessons : 115 Euro ; 3 lessons : 90 Euros ; 2 lessons : 62 Euro ; 1 lesson 32 Euro
(1-to-1 lesson of 30 minutes). In Luxembourg-City.

Open Door Day

On Ssaturday the 14th of Septembre from 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

in Luxembourg-City, 10 rue des Trévires, L-2628 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie


CAVEM is the only school in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg to teach all styles of music. CAVEM is a music school with an excellent reputation and has become the place to be for music lovers.

The team of teachers is composed by active musicians, performing either solo, in bands or in orchestras.

The goal of the school is to teach musicians to perform either as a soloist, or with a band.

The modern and dynamic teaching methods of the music school CAVEM will allow starters and confirmed musicians to find the needed knowledge for their musical goals.