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for Bloody Beginner and Advanced Player

on Thursday,
the 25th of August, the 1st and 8 of September,
between 3 and 8 PM

in Luxembourg-City - 10 rue des Trévires

The Programm:
1. Kids School of Rock
2. Special Guitar Method based on your favorite songs and specific exercises
3. Easy Arrangements of all famous songs, playable for beginner
4. Unqiue Improvisation Method
5. Ear Building
6. Playing in style of Metallica, AC/DC, Beatles, Marc Knopfler, Hendrix, SRV etc.
7. Classical Guitar according to the Russian School
8. Help with any troubles about learning guitar pieces and performance
9. Easy Guitar Songs without notes...

1 lesson : 30,- Euro, 2 lessons : 55,- Euro , 3 lessons 75,- Euro (1-to-1 lesson of 30 minutes or group lesson of one hour)



on Saturday, the 10th of September

in Luxembourg-City - 10 rue des Trévires


... for children and adults in Luxembourg-City, Ettelbruck, Esch/ Alzette and Mersch. No previous knowlegde is required. Contact us for further informations...

FON 49 12 60


CAVEM is the only school in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg to teach all styles of music. CAVEM is a music school with an excellent reputation and has become the place to be for music lovers.

The team of teachers is composed by active musicians, performing either solo, in bands or in orchestras.

The goal of the school is to teach musicians to perform either as a soloist, or with a band.

The modern and dynamic teaching methods of the music school CAVEM will allow starters and confirmed musicians to find the needed knowledge for their musical goals.